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Your invitation to be part of this
extraordinary project... and the next!

The Talliston Fellowship

For more than thirty years, this unique and extraordinary project has been funded by ordinary people on a journey to achieve the impossible. The culmination of half a century of design, sourcing and rebuilding, it is now time for the next step – creation of a community of like-minded people to support this living, breathing fantasy world – and ensure Talliston a timeless, prosperous and sustainable future.


Being a Friend of Talliston has always been free and the people that make Talliston a success have always given their time for free, but to move forwards we need to change and grow. Magic and enchantment – like everything else – costs money, and that money has to come from somewhere. To do greater things, we must become greater.  The Talliston Fellowship has been set up to take Talliston's most precious resource – its people – and build a better 'now' for everyone.


By becoming a fellowship member, your on-going support will:

• create the time and money to secure the future of the house and gardens forever

• provide an open and accessible venue for anyone who wishes to escape the modern world into one of wonder and imagination

• fund a permanent community space for writers, artists and craftspeople

• support the creation of The Talliston Grimoire: The Magical Guidebook To Britain's Most Extraordinary Home

• support the plans and structure for the next extraordinary project: Ringthorne Woods & Village


Click below – and find our more about becoming a valued and integral part of this new and exciting journey.

Lords & Ladies of the Fellowship

List of the Chairman and the Board of Trustees for The Talliston Trust

Staff of the House & Gardens

Members of Team Talliston that run, maintain, and curate the house & gardens

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