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Room 8.

D’Arkadia, 12th Moon, Malorian Starstation | 2282

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plans of Britain's Most

Extrardinary Home

This recreational arkspace, with its melding of Japanese tea house and Art Deco styling, is just one room in the near-space apartment of John Ewen Malorian. Situated off the main living hub, the den houses the entertainment and art areas, including the core replication for the Home sentience. The apartment is located on the laboratory starstation of D’Arkadia and governed by a sentient bioanima construct named ‘Home’.

Near-space is made up of thirteen distinct structures or stations, one for the XEs sentience on the real moon and one each for the dozen macrocorporations, wealthy individuals or private companies. Grown from crystals, and engineered using technologies such as organic materials and metals, the entire is home to many billions of former Earth inhabitants.

Modelled on the idea of ancient botanical gardens – which in recent times have become increasingly places where plants seek refuge from extinction – this chamber is a refuge of all things lost, hence the inclusion of plant life, orchids and objets-d’art from all periods of civilization and history.