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T H E   S T R A N G E R ' S   G U I D E   T O

An epic fantasy adventure by John Tarrow


Abandoned and alone, thirteen-year-old Joe lives his life hiding in plain sight in an old school bus in the middle of a wooded roundabout. That is until he is led by a mysterious raven to a derelict house that is the gateway to a dark and dangerous  labyrinth of doors and rooms.














In this immense no-man’s land, Joe discovers The Stranger's Guide, a book charting this world without time or place, written to protect the last magical places on earth. Learning to travel by the moon, the boy is hunted by sinister forces hell-bent on taking possession of the book, the house and everything in it.

Crossing through such diverse landscapes as Twenties New York, Fifties New Orleans and Victorian Britain, Joe discovers that behind each of the house’s thirteen doors are friends as well as foes; a fellowship sworn to preserve and protect the sacred spaces – and who hold the secret to the boy’s missing parents and ultimate escape.

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